How to Maintain the Parts of Sprinkler

- Jul 31, 2019-

Sprinkler is a kind of city operation vehicle that we see more and more everyday. Vehicles should pay attention to the usual maintenance work. How should the parts of sprinkler be maintained at ordinary times?


1. Often check to see if there is leakage in the tank. If there is leakage, repair welding should be done in time, for the pipeline.


2. Pay attention to the deformation and leakage of the rubber pad used in the pipe joint. And to see is there any blockage in the filter screen due to poor water quality.


3. Periodically check the internal gear of the pump for wear and tear.


4. Brake fittings are also very important for sprinklers. Basically, these fittings should be cleaned and maintained every 800 kilometers. In the maintenance of this part of sprinkler accessories, we should pay attention to remove harmful cement and paint film, and also pay attention to the brake fluid, so that it can not be overdue deterioration and other issues, we should regularly replace the old brake fluid.


5. The gearbox is also an important part of sprinkler. Generally, it needs to be maintained once every 800 km to 1000 km. When the gearbox slips, the water temperature is low and high, and the gear shifting is not smooth, it is necessary to clean and maintain the gearbox. Only when the oil sludge in the gearbox is removed can it be maintained.


For sprinkler, the most important parts are pumps, pipes, tanks, gearboxes and so on. They are also the most important parts of sprinkler, and they are also the key maintenance objects. Therefore, we must pay more attention to them in use.