How to maintain the refrigerated compartment and refrigerated unit of a refrigerated truck

- Dec 16, 2019-

For the refrigerated truck, the key is the refrigerating unit and the refrigerated compartment. Therefore, it is very important to strengthen the daily maintenance of refrigerating units and refrigerated compartments.


The main function of the refrigerating unit is cooling. The cold air is distributed to all corners of the car body by wind blowing to ensure that the internal temperature of the car body is stable and low, and the freshness of the cargo is maintained. The compressor of the refrigerating unit that is often used keeps its compressor working for a long time, and there are more impurities in the compartment, which will cause the compressor to lock up and destroy the refrigeration system. For this reason, in addition to normal cleaning, the refrigeration unit generally performs a comprehensive maintenance after the vehicle has traveled for 2,000 kilometers. Regularly check whether the refrigeration system is stable, adjust the belt and bracket of the refrigeration compressor in time, and replace the drying bottle. Always check the circuit facilities inside the box to prevent the power cord from being damaged, exposed, or immersed in water, which will cause the electric wire to open. The refrigerating unit is alternately hot and cold. Some hot lighting equipment is easy to be damaged and should be replaced in time. In winter, when the refrigeration unit is not used for a long time, or if the refrigeration unit is not used for many consecutive months, it should be started once a month, and the operation time is about 10 minutes each time.


The refrigerated compartment is composed of polystyrene foam or polyurethane foam, extruded polystyrene foam, FRP or aluminum alloy, color steel plate, and steel frame. Usually pay attention to safe driving and parking, to prevent the car body from being crushed and injured, which affects the stability of the car body structure and the thermal insulation effect. The shipment should be handled lightly to avoid sharp goods or packing boxes from damaging the inner surface. When the summer is hot, the refrigerated truck should be parked in a cool place, and it should be stored in the carport on a rainy day. The surface of the refrigerated car body is easily contaminated with dirt, and the dirt and dust should be cleaned in time. The maintenance of the interior surface of the refrigerated truck is very important. The stains should be cleaned after each transportation task is completed, especially the eight corners and the back door. Wash the sealing strip with warm water to keep the sealing strip elastic. Control the temperature inside the compartment to prevent the surface from freezing. Refrigerated foods should be packaged and sealed as much as possible to reduce the evaporation of moisture into the interior of the compartment and reduce the possibility of freezing inside. If the internal surface of the refrigerated truck is frozen, it should be removed with a de-icing shovel in time after the cargo leaves the compartment on the same day. Wipe the inside and outside surfaces of the freezer with a soft cotton cloth moistened with a non-corrosive detergent, and then dry with a dry cloth. Do not use organic solvents, hot water, washing powder, etc. to clean. Remember to turn off the power before each cleaning.

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