How to maximize the profits of refrigerated trucks

- Dec 16, 2019-

Only by performing maintenance and maintenance on the refrigerated truck and refrigeration unit on time can the normal use of the equipment and the service life of the equipment be extended. Generally, the chassis engine is maintained and maintained in accordance with the internal program, while the refrigerating unit is maintained and maintained according to the working hours of the engine.


Before packing the goods, set the thermostat to the required temperature, pre-cool the car for 1.5 hours to remove the heat trapped in the car, shut down the refrigeration unit when loading, and load quickly. When the cargo is packed, the compartment must be pre-cooled first, because the vehicle is parked in the open air, and the temperature inside the refrigerated compartment is consistent with the outside temperature. Affects the temperature of the goods being delivered, resulting in changes in the quality of the goods being delivered. Therefore, the compartment must be pre-cooled to the required temperature before loading. However, the refrigeration unit must be shut down during loading (same as unloading). Many people do not shut down the refrigeration unit when loading and unloading cargo, which is actually a very wrong operation. The correct use method is to turn off the refrigeration unit when loading and unloading the cargo.


Goods with different temperature requirements cannot be stored in the same compartment space. They should be separated by partitions. Since the freezer is used to maintain the temperature of the goods, not to reduce the temperature, mixing goods with different temperatures will affect the goods. The temperature will affect the quality of the goods.