How to Solve the Fault of Heat Dissipation System of Mixer Truck

- Jul 24, 2019-

Summer, the weather is hot, high temperature weather is more, less people go out, but there are still many cars on the road, in the high temperature season, is also the season of frequent vehicle accidents, such as tire burst, spontaneous combustion, engine overheating, etc. For the mixer, it is more prone to radiator failure. If the mixer is running, the radiator failure, and they do not know how to deal with, that is the most worrying, so the driver of the mixer must learn some fast solutions to the mixer radiator failure.

 mixer truck2

When your mixer radiator fails, check the following parts and basically solve the problem.


1. Check the safety switch: The mixer drives the tank through the hydraulic transmission system. The most common fault in the hydraulic oil heat dissipation system is the safety switch. Therefore, it is better to check the safety switch at the first time after the fault occurs.


2. Check drive fan: motor is the most critical part of the whole heat dissipation system, the heat dissipation effect is good or bad, and motor speed and smooth operation has a direct relationship. It is powered directly by an electronic control box connected to a vehicle battery and operates at a high speed with an electric drive motor to take away heat from the heat exchanger and cool the hydraulic oil.


3. Check heat exchanger: mixer uses hydraulic oil radiator to cool down. 

The heat exchanger is equipped with a motor-driven fan for heat dissipation, so that the hydraulic oil can work properly. The mechanical pointer on the heat exchanger can detect the negative pressure in the pipeline. If the reading proves that the hydraulic oil filter may be blocked, it only needs to pull out the rubber pointer above and return to zero when it appears. If the reading still appears behind and the rubber plug can not be solved after pulling out, the hydraulic oil filter core needs to be replaced.


4. Check the heat sensor: The temperature sensor is located on the oil intake pipe of the heat exchanger. Its function is to detect the temperature of the hydraulic oil. If the heat sink system of the mixer fails, if it is confirmed that it is not a problem of insurance, then check the temperature sensor.

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5. Check the radiator control box: the radiator control box monitors and receives the signal transmitted by the temperature sensor. When the temperature data exceeds the set value, the circuit of the radiator fan is automatically connected to let the air flow reduce the temperature of the hydraulic oil. Therefore, after the radiator control box is damaged, the radiator system can not work properly and needs to be replaced in time. Generally, the radiator control box is not easy to be damaged.


In summer, we should pay attention to the heat dissipation system of concrete mixer truck. Once the truck breaks down and delays unloading, concrete will probably solidify inside the tank, which is troublesome.