How to Solve the Sudden Failure of Refrigerated Truck

- Aug 05, 2019-

If the brake system of refrigerated truck fails in the course of driving and is not handled in time, it may cause serious consequences and bring immeasurable loss to life and property. So when the brake system of refrigerated truck is abnormal in the course of driving, how should we deal with it?

refrigerated truck 

First, we should check whether the brake system of refrigerated truck leaks, check the technical status of the brake system, first of all, we should eliminate the looseness, leakage or loopholes in the connecting parts.


Secondly, the way to deal with the abnormal braking system of refrigerated truck under driving condition: Start the engine, release the hand brake, make the truck run at the speed of 20-30 km/h, press the brake pedal on the dry and straight road surface, the refrigerated truck should slow down and stop quickly, and there is no deviation. After braking, when the brake pedal is loosened and driving continues, it should be able to start and drive smoothly, and when the steering wheel is not moving, the refrigerated truck should keep running straight without running off. When the refrigerated truck is running for a certain distance, the temperature of the brake pad should be checked by parking, and the temperature should be normal without ironing hands.


The above two points are how to deal with the brake system failure of refrigerated truck in the course of driving. Drivers of refrigerated truck should pay more attention to maintenance and care in their daily life. If problems arise, they should be solved in time, which is also good for refrigerated trucks, but also can increase the service life of refrigerated trucks.