How to use the safety facilities of buses correctly

- Oct 31, 2019-

General buses are equipped with safety hammers, door safety valves, safety roof windows and fire extinguishers. We will teach you how to use these safety facilities correctly.


1. the safety hammer is arranged on the frames on both sides of the sealed window in the car. Please take it off when using, and use its sharp corner to hit the four corners of the window glass, and then push it outward to make the window glass fall off.


2. The door safety valve is located above or below the door. When the door cannot be opened normally, first open the cover of the safety valve, rotate the switch according to the prompt, and then open the door manually.


3. The safety top window of the large bus is located on the top of the car. Please rotate the switch as instructed and push it outwards.


4 the place where the fire extinguisher is placed shall be marked with obvious signs. When using, pull out the safety pin, align the nozzle with the root of the flame, and press down the pressure handle to spray.


Special attention shall be paid to that the above facilities shall not be used in case of non emergency.


In case of emergency, it is necessary to deal with it correctly. In case of emergency braking, collision, rollover and other emergencies of the vehicle, it is necessary to grasp the fixings in the vehicle nearby and protect the head. In case of fire, follow the command of the driver, correctly use the safety facilities of the bus, and quickly evacuate through the front and rear doors, the safety windows on both sides and the safety roof windows.