How wide is the working range of sprinkler fog gun

- Aug 12, 2019-

1. Vehicle-mounted sprinkler fog gun for road pollution control and dust reduction

Vehicle-mounted fog gun has good maneuverability, convenient walking in the city, and flexible operation. The spraying angle of the fog gun is close to 360 degrees, and the spraying angle is adjustable from-10 degrees to 40 degrees upward and downward, so that the fog gun can be operated freely and flexibly, wherever it goes, making the dust in the low air, the dust on the leaves, the soil on the ground, all flowers and trees pavement can be controlled. Rinse clean to make the air fresh and clean. Fog gun can not only clean the road surface, but also clean the air, and fog gun water mist particles are smaller, reach the micron level, strong adsorption, cleaning effect is much better than ordinary sprinkler. Water consumption is low. According to statistics, a fog gun truck consumes as much water as a normal sprinkler one day a week.

 fog gun

2. Vehicle-mounted fog gun for removing dust at construction site

One of the important sources of dust pollution in cities is the dust emission from the construction site. Many buildings with forty or fifty meters tall will have large dust when they demolished buildings. Ordinary sprinklers can only spray 10 meters, while vehicle mounted fog gun can spray at eighty or ninety meters high. They can control the dusts in the demolition of houses, and with the end of a construction site, we can move on to the next construction site.


3. Vehicle-mounted fog gun for air haze reduction

Fog and haze is a common problem in cities nowadays, which has great harm. When the fog and haze weather and PM2.5 air quality seriously exceed the standard, the fog gun can be used to carry out dust suppression on the main roads of cities to achieve the effect of clean air. According to calculation, a dustfall fog gun truck can reach the area of atomization, a single truck  function area is as big as four football field, the area is about 30,000 square meters. If there is a truck fulled with water, it can satisfy 6 kilometers of urban spray and dust reduction operation, and it is flexible and changeable.