In summer, what should we pay attention to when charging an electric van?

- Aug 06, 2019-

With the development of society, environmental protection is becoming more and more important, and all walks of life are working hard for it. Now every car company has made new energy vehicles, such as electric vans. But in summer, when the temperature is high, the battery temperature of electric van will rise in the process of charging and discharging, and the heat generated will increase with the increase of charging and discharging current. Therefore, when the vehicle is charged and discharged at high current, the battery temperature will continue to rise. In addition to high temperature weather, the safety and service life of batteries will be affected to a certain extent. Next, I will tell you what to do when some electric van batteries are charged at high temperature.

 electric van

1、High Temperature at Charging Interface

In high temperature environment, the charging interface temperature rises quickly when charging with high current. When the point charging interface temperature is higher than 100 C, the charging current will decrease to prevent the charging interface temperature from further increasing. At this time, the charging time will be prolonged. When the charging interface temperature is higher than 110 C, the charger will stop charging.


1. Avoid the repeated use of the same charger for charging, try to cross-use the charger equipped with charging gun;

2. When high temperature alarm occurs during charging, please use other idle charging guns when charging again.

3. Weekly use of high-pressure air guns, brushes for cleaning, such as unconditional use of dust-free cloth or cotton swabs to clean charging sockets;

4. When foreign bodies are found in the charging interface, the above methods should be used immediately for cleaning.


2.、Internal High Temperature of Charger

Dust in and out air outlet of charger often leads to poor heat dissipation, which leads to excessive internal temperature of charger and triggers high temperature power reduction protection of charger, which leads to prolonged charging time.


1. Make sure that the heat dissipation fan of the charger works properly before charging.

2. When dust-proof net accumulates or blockages occur, it is necessary to cut off the upper power supply, take out the dust-proof net and clean it with clean water to ensure that the dust-proof net is completely dried and then installed.

3. Clean the dust net regularly and shorten the cleaning interval in summe.