Inspection of shock absorber of high pressure cleaning truck

- Aug 28, 2019-

The function of shock absorber is to make the vibration of frame and body attenuate rapidly, and improve the ride comfort and comfort of high-pressure cleaning truck.Four common test methods of shock absorber are as follows:


1. A high-pressure cleaning truck stops after driving for 5 kilometers on some roads with poor road conditions. Feel the shock absorber temperature with gloved hands. If the temperature is not enough, add some lubricating oil in the experiment. If the shock absorber shell does not heat, it should be replaced in time. Otherwise, the heat of the shock absorber shell indicates the lack of the lubricant inside, just fill it up.


2. If the emergency braking vibration is more severe when the high-pressure cleaning truck is moving slowly, the shock absorber has failed.


3. Find three people to press the front of the truck together and release it. If the front of the truck does not jump twice, the shock absorber has failed.


4. Remove the shock absorber and find two people to pull and press. If the resistance is unstable or no resistance, it may be oil shortage inside the shock absorber or damage of valve parts, it should be repaired or replaced.