Knowledge about Chassis Maintenance of Oil Tank truck

- Jul 15, 2019-

The maintenance parts of oil tank truck can be roughly divided into chassis maintenance and make up maintenance. Today we will talk about chassis maintenance knowledge of oil tank truck.

 16000L fuel tank truck HOWO 4x2 chassis_4

1. First of all, the appearance of the chassis is checked to see if there are scraping marks and deformation. During the long-term use of the oil tank truck, the suspension system may be loosened. The bolts should be tightened to make a four-wheel positioning.


2. Steering tie rod: Looseness of steering tie rod of oil tanker is a serious potential safety hazard, so this part must be carefully checked during maintenance. Specific measures: Hold the tie rod, shake hard, if there is no shaking, it will prove that everything is normal, otherwise, it is necessary to replace the ball head or tie rod assembly.


3. Suspension controller rubber sleeve: After rubber sleeve is damaged, a series of faults such as deviation and swing will occur in oil tank truck. Even four-wheel positioning is useless. If carefully checked, it is easy to find rubber sleeve damaged.

 16000L fuel tank truck HOWO 4x2 chassis_3

4. Shock absorber: Oil leak is a precursor of damage to shock absorber of oil tank truck. It is also a precursor of damage to shock absorber that driving bump on bad road is obviously aggravated or braking distance is longer.


5. Exhaust pipe: The exhaust pipe of oil tank truck is also easy to be damaged, especially the exhaust pipe with ternary catalytic converter, which should be examined carefully.


6. The wipers of oil tank trucks should also be checked regularly. Specific measures are as follows: pull the wipers up, touch the clean rubber wiper blades with your fingers, and check for damage. Also check whether the rubber blade has good elasticity, if the blade aging, hardening cracks, it should be replaced.


7. Batteries, batteries are generally equipped with indicators, which can be used to check the status of batteries. The green dots on the indicators are obvious, indicating that the batteries are in good condition. If the green dots become blurred, the power is insufficient, and the dots become transparent or yellow, indicating the need to replace the batteries.

 16000L fuel tank truck HOWO 4x2 chassis_2In the use of oil tank trucks, good habits of using while maintaining should be formed. Only in this way can the working efficiency of oil tank trucks be guaranteed and the service life of oil tank trucks be prolonged effectively.