Knowledge of sprinkler power takeoff

- Jul 19, 2019-

Sprinkler power takeoff is one of the most important parts of vehicle. Without it, sprinkler function can not be used normally. Not only sprinkler, but also in other fields of professional automobile, the role of power takeoff can not be underestimated, such as oil truck, overhead working truck, high-pressure cleaning truck, road sweeper, sewage suction dung truck, etc. in these vehicles. The power takeoff is widely used.

 sprinkler truck

So, what is a power takeoff? What's the effect of the power takeoff on the sprinkler? Here is a detailed introduction for you.


1. What is a power takeoff?

Power takeoff is a group of gears, also known as power output device, which is generally composed of gearbox and clutch. It is connected with gearbox by gear and with lifting pump by shaft. It is a separate gear in the gearbox. If you hang up this gear, the lifting pump can run as soon as you fill the gas valve. The lifting pump of sprinkler truck is a hydraulic device, lifting the truck box to realize self-unloading function. Dump trucks, fire trucks, cement mixers, refrigerated trucks and other special vehicles requiring additional power are acquired through the power takeoff, which is an additional device installed outside the gearbox (the power takeoff of the cement mixer is on the clutch housing), which obtains power from a gear of the gearbox. This power is connected or disconnected by an electromagnetic valve in the cab. High-pressure oil pump driven by power takeoff for dump truck, water pump for fire truck, compressor for refrigeration truck, and hydraulic motor for rotating mixing tank.


2. The function of sprinkler power takeoff

The main function of the sprinkler power takeoff is to provide power for the sprinkler pump, so that the sprinkler can operate normally.