Knowledge supplement of on-board crane

- Sep 18, 2019-

The cranes in China are mainly straight-arm cranes, except the curved arm cranes in Guangdong Province. Buying crane mainly depends on your operation purpose. The characteristic of curved arm is faster, flexible, convenient and lower maintenance cost. But the lifting capacity and operation range of curved arm are not as good as that of straight arm, which has strong overloading capacity and wide operation area, but has high maintenance and maintenance cost. When it comes to practicality, it's better to have straight arms.


1. The straight arm has wire rope, which can be operated at high and low places, and has a larger working surface.


2. The straight arm and the curved arm of the same tonnage, the straight arm are 2-3 meters longer than the curved arm.


3. Straight arms have rear legs, while curved arms have no rear legs.


4. Compared with the lifting moment, the straight arm is larger. If it is used for warehouse cargo shipment, the curved arm is more suitable, because the flexibility of the curved arm is better than that of the straight arm.