Main Causes of Low Pressure of Water Sprinkler Pump

- Jul 03, 2019-

1. Seals of water pumps have cracks, which lead to air entry and insufficient pressure of sprinkler pumps. The solution is to carefully check whether there is leakage of water in the working pumps.


2. There is no water in the pump of sprinkler, which leads to the phenomenon of dry burning without water in the mechanical seal of the pump. Replace the mechanical seal.


3. The power of the transmission shaft is insufficient, so that the impeller in the pump does not reach the normal working speed, and the throttle can be increased.


4. The filter screen of the sprinkler pipe is blocked. Because the water pumped by the sprinkler pump can not be all clean tap water, it may be dirty pool or pool pumped water, so there are too many impurities in the water, and the filter screen is easily blocked by impurities. For example, sand, plastic bags, branches and other debris, only need to remove the filter screen in the three-way to clean, to ensure smooth, can resume normal work, the position of the filter screen is at the middle end of the intake pipe of the sprinkler pump.


5. The wear and tear of the impeller results in the rotation of the impeller of the sprinkler pump, but it can not enter and leave the water normally. It is only necessary to replace the new impeller.