Maintenance of Electronic Control System for Suction Truck

- Sep 18, 2019-

 The electronic control system inside the suction truck plays an important role in the operation, so the owners should pay attention to the following points when overhauling the electronic control system:


1. When the engine of the suction truck fails and the engine electronic control warning light is on, the battery of the suction truck cannot be disconnected from the circuit in order to prevent the failure stored in the computer and the relevant information from being deleted. The battery can be disconnected from the circuit only after the fault code and related information are transferred out and the cause of the fault is diagnosed by the self-diagnosis system.


2. When the suction truck diagnoses the cause of the fault and repairs the electronic control system of the suction truck, it is necessary to turn off the ignition switch first and remove the battery by wire. If only the electronic control system is checked, it is only necessary to turn off the ignition switch.


3. When the spanning suction truck starts other vehicles or uses other vehicles to spanning this suction truck, the ignition switch must be disconnected before the spanning connection can be disassembled and assembled.


4. When arc welding on the suction truck body, the power supply of the computer should be disconnected first, and special attention should be paid to the repair of the truck body near the computer or the sensor of the suction truck.