Maintenance of High Pressure Nozzle of Washing Truck

- Aug 07, 2019-

Washing truck is a combination of road sweeper and high-pressure cleaning truck. It realizes washing, high-pressure cleaning and garbage and sewage collection in one operation. Because of the high-pressure flushing function of the washing truck, there are many high-pressure nozzles on the spray rod. Although the high-pressure nozzle is only a very small part of the washing truck, its function and maintenance in use can not be ignored. So how do we maintain and repair these high pressure nozzles in the actual use of the washing truck? Let me teach you the following:

 washing truck

The high pressure nozzle of the washing truck is an accessory part of the high pressure pump. It does not attract people's attention like the high pressure pump. But the pressure and water jet output of the high pressure pump need to be represented by the actuator, that is, the high pressure nozzle. In order to ensure the normal operation of the washing function of the washing truck and prevent malfunction, it is necessary to pay attention to the correct use and timely cleaning of the nozzle, which is called maintenance.


One of the important tasks of maintaining high pressure nozzle is to clean the nozzle regularly to prevent clogging and maintain its clean and good spray performance. When all or part of the blocked nozzle of the washing truck may cause a significant reduction in the effluent, and cause weakness when spraying. Method of cleaning high-pressure nozzle: Take off the nozzle on the sprinkler rod and use the mozzle through needle. If there is no through needle, ordinary needle can be used. Insert the through needle into the hole of the sprinkler, then pull it back and forth until the impurity debris in the hole is cleaned up, and then put the nozzle into the flushing water to wash away the debris through the flowing water. After cleaning the residue, install the spray rod and open the spray setting for flushing test.