Maintenance of Road Sweeper

- Jun 28, 2019-

We should do a good job of road sweeper maintenance in daily use, so that it can not only keep the best working condition, but also prolong its service life. How to maintain the road sweeper? Let me explains for you:


1. First of all, for newly purchased vehicles, the first use of about 50 hours, the inspection of bolt tightness everywhere, including tank body and hydraulic valve, solenoid valve connecting pipe, and auxiliary beam and girder connecting bolts, and so on. after that, guarantee of regular monthly inspection.


2. Every day before driving, check whether the lubricating oil on the interface between the sweeping disc and the sucker is dry or not. It should be supplemented in time to maintain good lubricating effect. Every time before starting the vehicle, check the oil level of the hydraulic oil to ensure that the oil level indication is within the visual range. Check the sealing condition of hydraulic oil circuit, keep the hydraulic system clean and sealed, so as to avoid dust and moisture contamination of the hydraulic oil system, resulting in the system can not work properly or damage.


3. The precision of hydraulic system components is relatively high, especially the hydraulic cylinder of road sweeper. It is easy to maintain, but the requirement is not high. Hydraulic oil is replaced regularly. It runs for 500 hours for the first time to replace, and then for 2000 hours or at least every half year  to replace. The filter element should be replaced at the same time. When refueling or changing oil, the engine must be in a stop state, otherwise the hydraulic system will be damaged.


4. It is forbidden to weld and alter the water tank and dust box of the road sweeper at will to avoid the impact of heavy objects. The water level display pipe and filter should be replaced in time to avoid blockage and influence water level judgment. It is necessary to check whether various valve bodies are blocked or abnormal.