Matters needing attention in replacing hydraulic oil and gear oil of mixer

- Aug 24, 2019-

The regular replacement of hydraulic oil and gear oil is essential for the maintenance of mixer trucks. The replacement process also needs attention. Failure to do well will cause hydraulic parts to fail and tank tightness. Next, I will talk about the matters needing attention in the replacement of hydraulic oil and gear oil.


1. When refueling or changing oil, the engine must be stopped, otherwise the hydraulic system will be damaged.

mixer truck

2. Before each oil change, the sealing performance of the whole system must be checked, all bolts must be re-tightened, and new sealing elements must be replaced if necessary.


3. It is absolutely forbidden to mix different brands of hydraulic oil and gear oil or to use unqualified oil products. The type of oil used when the vehicle leaves the factory is shown on the label of the tank and the "Instructions". If the oil used in the first oil change is different from that used at the time of leaving the factory, the hydraulic system must be thoroughly cleaned.


4. Waste oil replaced should be properly preserved and treated. It should not be discarded at will. Attention should be paid to protecting the environment.


5. After replacing the oil, let the engine idle for 15 minutes without turning the mixing drum to check whether the oil level is appropriate.