Matters needing attention in sprinkler pumping

- Jun 17, 2019-

Because the working environment of landscaping sprinkler is more complex, it often needs to go out to work. Unlike the convenience of urban roads, water is generally needed in ponds or rivers. Many landscaping sprinkler drivers are prone to problems in this link. Here's how to get water in the field correctly.


1. the first thing before pumping water is to see whether it is convenient for parking at the place, and the height of the water level (The vertical suction distance of sprinkler pump is usually 6-7 meters).


2. After determining the pumping place, the sprinkler parking position is as close as possible to the operating point, and the water absorption is faster.


3. Take out the suction hose with quick joint which is distributed on board, and connect it with the suction nozzle to ensure that there is no leakage at the interface.


4. Put the suction nozzle into the water, pay attention not to put the oral end of the pipe to the bottom of the water, in order to avoid inhaling sundries, blocking the construction pipeline and damaging the sprinkler pump.


5. Operate the ball valve switch on the green sprinkler's official road correctly according to the instructions.


6. After the operation of the ball valve is completed, the driver opens the engine, steps on the clutch in neutral gear, opens the power take-off pump and starts to work.