Why do medical refrigeration trucks install temperature and humidity recorders?

- May 30, 2019-

In recent years, more and more vaccine refrigerated trucks have been purchased by the epidemic prevention departments of pharmaceutical companies to transport drug vaccines, which has greatly increased the demand for vaccine refrigerated trucks. However, many users may not pay attention to the temperature and humidity recorder, another important part of the vaccine refrigerated vehicle, when they purchase the vaccine refrigerated vehicle. The temperature and humidity recorder can not only display the temperature in the refrigerated carriage in real time, but also show the humidity in the carriage. Especially for the distribution of drug vaccines, in GSP certification, temperature and humidity recorders must be installed in transport equipment.

Through the real-time automatic monitoring and recording of the temperature of the drug storage process, it is very effective to prevent all kinds of risks that may affect the quality and safety of the drug in the storage and transportation process, and to ensure the quality and safety of the drug in the storage and transportation process.

In the long-term practice of refrigerated car manufacturers, which have strict requirements for the thermal insulation performance of the carriage, it has been found that the temperature sensor in the temperature recorder plays an important role in the temperature control detection. So, how to choose a suitable temperature recorder?

Firstly, the temperature recorder should be installed outside the refrigerated compartment, which integrates storage, recording, control and remote data transmission. Through the built-in cold chain temperature monitoring system, the temperature signal can be received at any time, and the signal can be real-time feedback, and finally can be collected, analyzed and processed.

Secondly, the upper and lower limits of temperature alarm can be set according to the needs of customers. Once the temperature exceeds the standard, the recorder will send out alarm signals.

Thirdly, it has printing function and can print temperature data on site according to need.

Finally, a more comprehensive temperature recorder can also view the temperature data in the refrigerated compartment in real time through the monitoring system software on the computer, and query and save the historical data and curves. Temperature recorder is the "real-time doctor" of refrigerated vehicle. If the temperature recorder frequently shows that the temperature does not meet the standard, we should check the refrigerated truck and refrigerator to find out the root cause of the problem.