Nine Correct Operation Procedures of Refrigerated Truck

- Aug 08, 2019-

1. Open the door: Turn the handle on the door lock, double doors open the right door first, when the cam reaches a larger stroke, force can open the door.


2. When loading and unloading cargo, fasten the door hook firmly with the hook seat on the side of the carriage to prevent the free rotation of the door from affecting the work.


3. The inside lighting switch is located in the left rear corner under the outside floor. After loading and unloading the goods, the lighting must be turned off.

 Refrigerated trucks

4. The emergency alarm switch in the carriage is set at the back of the right side. If someone is locked in the carriage, the alarm switch can be pressed to alarm.


5. Loading and unloading cargo should be handled lightly, barbaric operation is strictly prohibited, and cargo should be placed smoothly in order to prevent damage to the carriage or the evaporator of refrigeration unit.


6. When loading refrigerated trucks, there should be a certain gap between the cargo and the wall to ensure the circulation of cold air, and the height of the cargo should not exceed the limit line.


7. After loading and unloading, the door must be closed tightly, the locking cam mechanism must be in place, clamped and locked properly. Shut the left door first.


8. The carriage body is connected with the frame by screw and pressing plate. Check whether the pressing plate screw is loosened before each trip to prevent the carriage body from shifting and causing accidents.


9. The compressor of split refrigeration unit is driven by automobile engine. Check its working condition (such as loosening of connection screw, belt tightening, etc.) before each trip to ensure the normal operation of the unit.