Operation method of sprinkler pump

- Jul 12, 2019-


1. Start-up of sprinkler pump

(1) Connect the relevant pipes, start the engine, step down the clutch pedal, open the power box control switch, and make it gear up (Whether before the road sprinkler absorbs water or sprinkles water, the power take-off device must be geared when it stops).

(2) The working speed of sprinkler pump can be controlled by throttle controller.


2. Stop of sprinkler pump

Push the throttle controller forward, speed regulation is minimum, step down the clutch pedal, pull the power take-off control switch back to its original position, and make the power take-off box out of gear.


3. Inspection of sprinkler pump after use

(1) Check whether the control switch of the power takeoff is reversed and whether the throttle controller is the minimum position.

(2) Check valve handle position, all should be closed.