Precautions for safe operation of concrete mixer truck

- Aug 17, 2020-

    Safe operation is the basic guarantee for the concrete mixing truck to complete its work, and also the reliable guarantee for the operation, maintenance and personal safety of the surrounding construction personnel.

    Checking cement mix truck---- whether the body is stacked sundry, mainly check diesel oil, all kinds of gear oil, all kinds of booster oil, engine coolant and brake fluid, liquid level and leakage.


    Transportation---- During transportation, the concrete mixing tank truck should keep a slow running speed of 3-6 RPM. When stirring normally, the high speed shall not exceed 50km/h. When turning, the speed please keep not more than 15km/h, otherwise there will be the risk of turning over. The speed of an empty vehicle shall not exceed 60km/h.When the collapse degree loss is too large, the appropriate amount of water can be added under the condition of meeting the requirements of concrete design proportion. In addition, do not add water to the mixing tank.

    Discharging---- The unloading shall be thorough to avoid waste, and the concrete mixing tank shall be cleaned in time to drain all the water.Drivers should always maintain the concrete mixing tank truck to ensure the service life of the tank truck and its normal operation.The wheel tip should be filled with high pressure grease once a week, and a little graphite or molybdenum sulfide grease should be added to the wheel track per shift.Lubricate the oil pump drive shaft once a week.