Precautions for start-up of mixer truck

- Oct 25, 2019-

For the mixer driver, the following matters need to be paid attention to when starting work:


1. Before starting the work, please check the hydraulic oil. If the oil level scale and oil color of the oil tank and deceleration oil window are found to be different, oil can be replenished or replaced according to the situation.


2. Pay attention to check the filter element and vacuum gauge of the hydraulic oil tank when the mixer works to prevent the filter element from causing too much resistance to return oil due to the poor oil quality. If the resistance is found to be too large, the filter element shall be pulled out for replacement or even replacement of the hydraulic oil.

 mixer truck

3. Check the oil pump and motor frequently to see if there is any leakage of hydraulic oil at the connection part, and if the interface is loose (especially the oil suction pipe of the hydraulic pump is easy to loosen to intake air, resulting in noise of the system and oil drain out of the tank breathing port).


4. The radiator on the fan surface of the hydraulic system shall be kept clean to ensure good heat dissipation effect.


5. Cold start in winter shall be operated for at least 20 minutes before loading.


6. Put the operating lever of the hydraulic pump in the middle position every time it is started.


7. When operating the hydraulic pump, do not push or pull it violently. When changing the direction, be sure to put it in the middle and stop for more than 5 seconds.


8. When the new car is used for 50 hours, it is necessary to tighten the bolts on the fixed pump, motor and reducer.


9. In winter, the road condition is complex, so you should drive carefully to avoid damaging the main bearing of the reducer.