Precautions for truck driving in winter

- Feb 27, 2021-

    Recently, due to foggy weather and icy long downhill bridges, a traffic accident occurred in a certain place. 43 vehicles collided at the scene, causing the fuel gas tanks of more than 10 large trucks to catch fire, burning up to 14 vehicles and causing 4 accidents. People died and 6 people were injured.


   The most feared thing you will encounter on the road in winter is road icing. If you don’t pay attention to the vehicle slipping, traffic accidents will occur. When driving on icy roads, you need to keep a longer distance from the vehicle in front, leave a safe distance, and don’t accelerate quickly Or step on the brakes abruptly, which is easy to slip. If a side slip occurs, release the accelerator and step on the brakes to adjust the vehicle direction in time.


    Remain calm in unexpected situations and don't slam the steering wheel. Don't step on the brakes, which may cause accidents due to urban adhesion. You should still use the intermittent braking method, which is what we call click the brakes to control the vehicle's deceleration. When encountering a long downhill or turning, you should also reduce your speed in advance and drive at a constant speed.

    In addition,  when driving to the northern mountainous are, please  try to use less water sprinklers, and use auxiliary braking or early deceleration and downshifting to maintain driving safety, because the temperature in the northern mountainous areas is low, especially on the shady surface, and there is no sunlight all year round , In the process of using the sprinkler, it will cause the road to freeze, which is very dangerous.