Precautions for use of chemical liquid transport truck

- Oct 28, 2019-

People who have been in contact with chemical trucks know that generally, the medium transported by chemical trucks is corrosive, so anti-corrosion treatment will be carried out inside the tank body, and the tank body needs to be cleaned irregularly after long-term transportation. If different types of media are transported, the tank body shall be cleaned every time before medium replacement, and the tank shall be filled after cleaning, so as to avoid the influence of residual media on the purity of the next transportation medium.


At the same time, the chemical truck belongs to the dangerous goods transport vehicle, so the tank body should be formulated strictly according to the announced size, and it should not be large or overloaded. On the way of transportation, the vehicle shall avoid the unstable road as much as possible to avoid too large collision of vehicle body and affecting the safety of driving and transportation.


When loading and unloading media, the tank opening and breathing valve on the top of the chemical truck must be opened, because the chemical pump will empty the air in the tank during operation, forming a vacuum. If there is an indoor and outdoor pressure imbalance, the tank will be deformed or even scrapped, with unimaginable consequences.