Preventing rollover of oil tank truck

- Aug 08, 2019-

Oil tank truck belongs to dangerous goods transport vehicle, which has high requirements for drivers. It is very important to learn how to prevent rollover of oil tank truck. Now, I will give you some popular science methods to prevent the rollover of oil tank trucks.

 oil tank truck

Vehicle Speed Control: Because the medium of transportation of oil tank trucks is oil, which belongs to flammable substances, so driving such vehicles must pay attention to controlling the speed, to avoid emergency braking and acceleration. Especially in rainy days, the ground is wet and slippery. We should pay more attention to the speed of the vehicle, because rainwater may enter the brake hub and affect the braking effect. Therefore, from time to time, we should gently tread the brake pedal to check the braking effect.


Pay attention to the stopping of the oil tank truck: when the oil tank truck stops, it should first relax the accelerator pedal, so as to reduce the speed of the truck, and even press the brake pedal. After the vehicle stops, it should press the clutch pedal to pull the transmission into neutral gear, and then pull the hand brake in place, so that the vehicle is in braking state. Turn off the power supply and pull out the key. The tank truck should avoid parking on the steep slope. When it has to, it should fix the wheel with cushion wood. After running, the exhaust pipe of the oil tank truck is in a high temperature state, so don't park the vehicle near the flammable materials such as hay.


Driving in foggy weather should be noted: oil tank trucks should not drive in foggy weather. If they are already on the road, they must turn on the fog lights and drive at low speed. If the fog is too heavy, they must stop driving, find a safe place to park, and turn on the double flashes of the vehicle. Trucks must also pay attention to not overloading, driving oil tank trucks must strictly abide by traffic rules, polite avoidance and so on.