Proper use of refrigerated truck

- Nov 26, 2019-

Many refrigerated trucks are used in high intensity and overload conditions for a long time, and lack of proper maintenance. It is inevitable that all kinds of problems will arise. The reason for the lack of maintenance, in addition to the lack of maintenance awareness of some car owners, is also related to the lack of maintenance outlets, high costs and other factors. How should we use refrigerated trucks? How to avoid risks caused by improper use?


1. Correct operation can ensure that the goods can be preserved and transported in good condition.


2. Preventive maintenance can minimize maintenance and operation costs.


3. Proper packaging is very important for the protection of goods.

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4. Set the temperature controller at the required temperature, precooling the truck for 1.5 hours to remove the heat left in the truck; when loading, turn off the refrigerating unit and load quickly.


5. The goods must be precooled to the required temperature, and the temperature of the goods shall be checked when loading; the refrigeration unit is used to maintain the temperature of the goods, not to reduce the temperature of the goods.


6. Even if the unit capacity exceeds the actual demand, insufficient air circulation will be the main reason for the deterioration of the goods; any blockage around the goods may cause "hot spots".


7. The goods must be stacked on the double-sided pallet; the fresh-keeping pallet shall not be covered with plastic film, which will block the circulation of circulating air-conditioner to the goods; the floor under the goods shall not be blocked.


8. Do not pile up the goods before the evaporator outlet, otherwise it will block the air-conditioning flow; the blocking above the goods will cause the short circuit of the air-conditioning flow. Maintain a minimum distance of 225 mm between the top of the cargo and the roof.


9. The interior of the car must be kept clean; there should be no wrapping paper or paper scraps left on the ground; the debris will block the air flow or be inhaled by the evaporator.


10. Proper handling; the refrigerator shall be closed when the door is opened; the opening time of the door shall be shortened as much as possible; the strip curtain shall be used as much as possible when loading and unloading goods. Use partitions to separate dry goods (empty baskets) from perishable goods.