Reasons for Leakage of Anti-freeze Fluid in Wrecker

- Sep 19, 2019-

Anti-freezing fluid for wrecker is also called anti-freezing coolant, which is mainly used to prevent the vehicle from freezing and cracking radiator and frozen engine cylinder block or cover when it stops in cold winter. And anti-freezing fluid is not only used in winter, it is used all year round, so anti-freezing fluid is an important part of the vehicle. If the antifreeze appears to be exposed, the reasons can be found through the following methods:


1. Check whether the sealing of the external connecting parts of the engine is normal.


2. Check whether the oil contains antifreeze (possibly cylinder damage or other seal ring damage).


3. Pressure with special pressure retaining tools for water tank.


For the reasons of leakage of anti-freeze fluid, we can eliminate them one by one through the above methods. If we still can not find out, we can use the professional maintenance department for further investigation.