Reasons for severe shaking of concrete mixer truck

- Sep 19, 2019-

After many hours of use, the concrete mixer truck will suffer from various minor problems, which makes some new owners confused. Today, I share with you a common problem in the use of concrete mixer trucks. The reasons for the shaking of concrete mixer trucks in the large throttle turning tank are severe. The reason why the concrete mixer shakes badly when turning the tank at the large throttle is mainly caused by the following reasons:


Reasons 1. There is residual concrete on the inner wall of tank body, especially at the head and rear feed cone, because of the gravity eccentricity, the concrete mixer shakes every turn before and after the eccentricity crosses the highest point.


Reasons 2. The raceway surface is uneven and has concave and convex points. Every time the tank body and the surface of the supporting wheel are combined, it will shake once, twice in a single circle.


Reasons 3. The surface of the supporting wheel is uneven and has a high point. Every turn of the tank will shake several times, and the number of jitters is the same as the number of turning cycles of the supporting wheel.


Reasons 4. The internal gear transmission system of the reducer is not stable, and the front of the vehicle feels jitter obviously.


Reasons 5. There is air in the hydraulic system, which may cause the hydraulic pump to suck up air, the motor to work empty journey, or weak, the vehicle jitter is more obvious when the vehicle weight.


Reasons 6. The coaxiality of the tank itself is problematic, with eccentricity, and the heavy load of the vehicle is more obvious.