Refrigerated Truck Maintenance to Avoid Small Problems

- Jul 18, 2019-

After the baptism of yesterday's rain, the cool day passed quickly. Today is the scorching sun, so that many refrigerated trucks expose minor faults. In fact, whether it is rainy or sunny, the daily maintenance of special purpose vehicles is very important. Many minor defects can be avoided by careful daily maintenance.


Engine performance degradation of refrigerated truck

Reasons: This may be due to insufficient fuel combustion and increased engine carbon deposition caused by long-term non-replacement of oil, oil filters, air filters and gasoline filters.

Maintenance methods: Oil and oil filters should be replaced once every 5000 kilometers, while air filters and gasoline filters need to be replaced every 10,000 kilometers. Otherwise, impurities in air, fuel and oil will cause wear and clogging of parts, thus affecting the normal operation of the engine.


Refrigerated truck fuel consumption inexplicably increased

Reasons: There are many reasons for the increase in fuel consumption, but the most common and easily overlooked by truck owners is tire pressure. Insufficient tire pressure will not only increase driving resistance and fuel consumption, but also affect the service life of tires.

Maintenance method: When driving, pay more attention to whether the tire is air, and check the tire pressure regularly. At the same time, don't forget to check the spare tire, so as not to find that the spare tire is out of air when it is in urgent need of changing the tire. When the temperature is high, the tire pressure will be higher than usual, so it is more accurate to measure the tire pressure in the shade. Every 10,000 kilometers of tire should be changed to avoid too much difference in wear degree between front and back. If you need to replace worn tyres, it is better to replace two or four tyres together. The same tread tyres can be replaced cross-wise. In addition, broken-line tyres help save fuel.