Replacement standard of Wire Rope for Overhead Working Truck

- Jul 10, 2019-

As a vulnerable accessory, the wire rope of the overhead working truck often needs to be checked and replaced regularly. When the drivers of the overhead working truck change the wire rope, have they paid attention to condition of the scrap wire rope?

 Overhead Working Truck

1. The whole rope strand was broken.


2. The core of the rope is damaged and the diameter of the rope decreases significantly.


3. The broken wires form local aggregation close together.


4. Elasticity decreases significantly and is not easy to bend.


5. When the diameter of wire rope decreases by 7% or more (relative to nominal diameter, wear);


6. Deep pits appear in the corrosion of steel wire outside the wire rope, and the steel wire is quite relaxed.


7. The diameter of steel wire rope increases seriously in part, and there is serious internal corrosion.


8. Cage distortion of wire rope;


9. Serious internal corrosion;


10. Wire rope is seriously twisted.


11. Wire rope is severely bent.


Choosing the good quality wire rope is helpful to the stable operation of the crane arm structure of the overhead working truck. The wire rope has a long service life and saves a lot of expenses. The wire rope selected by the manufacturer of overhead working truck is the quality of the original factory, and the quality is trustworthy. There are a variety of specifications and models, all adapted to different models.