Safety and Smoothness of Wrecker in Towing Process

- Oct 08, 2019-

The wrecker is easily blocked when it is towing the vehicle. Therefore, in order to complete the whole drag task safely, the following details need to be noted.


1. Before driving, attention should be paid to fastening the seat belt and fixing the towed vehicle, so as to avoid more losses caused by the falling off of the vehicle.


2. Drive as far as possible on flat roads, away from ditches or pitted areas. In addition, when driving on the edges of sloping roads, slow down and back-up are strictly prohibited.


3. When a vehicle is running in a section with strong jumping ability, it is easy for the vehicle to lose its stability, so paying attention to the front-end weight helps to drive on uneven sections and soft ground.


4. The wrecker often runs on steep slopes, so we must pay attention to the steep slope: (1) go downhill, as slow as possible, (2) the rear wheel should be widened properly.


5. During the process of towing, other people are forbidden to ride the wrecker to avoid unnecessary accidental injuries.


6. No sudden turning, starting or braking shall be allowed for a smooth driving wrecker. When starting the climb, gear up before the engine accelerates.


7. No emergency braking should occur when a vehicle is parked. It is necessary to ensure that the vehicle brakes smoothly and safely.