School Bus Body Maintenance

- Aug 28, 2019-

The maintenance of school bus body seems to be a simple problem. In fact, it is different from others in some aspects. Let's look at the analysis of school bus professionals.


1. When washing a car, it should be done after the engine is cooled. Do not clean the car in the hot sun or at high temperature, so as not to leave traces when the detergent is dried. Usually, special detergent and neutral live water should be used to wash vehicles by hand, and alkaline laundry detergent, soap water and detergent should not be used to prevent the grease from being washed off and accelerate the ageing of the paint surface.


2. Rinse in time after rain. After rain, the rain stains on the car body will gradually shrink, so that the concentration of acid substances in rain water will gradually increase. If the rain stains are not washed with clear water as soon as possible, the paint will be damaged over time.


3. Before, during and after the use of the vehicle, the dust on the car body should be removed in time to minimize the adsorption of dust by static electricity on the car body.


4. Clean and soft wipes or sponges should be used to clean vehicles to prevent metal scraps and sand particles from mixing into them. Dry cloth, towels and sponges should not be used to wipe vehicles so as to avoid scratches.


5. Some special corrosive traces (such as asphalt, bird droppings, insects, etc.) should be removed in time. For this reason, it is necessary to use special cleaning agent to clean, do not use blades to scrape or remove with gasoline, so as not to hurt the paint.