Selection of Dust Suppression Truck Tank

- Aug 07, 2019-

Dust suppression truck is a special vehicle which can suppress dust pollution by spraying dust suppressing solidifying agent and other spraying liquid. It is generally used in places where dust is high in railways and roads. It is mainly composed of chassis of special vehicle, upper tank body, hydraulic system and electronic control system. Now the dust suppression trcuk has many functions, not only sprinkler function, but also mist spray, dust removal, haze removal, cooling, spray medicine and so on. Nowadays, there are two kinds of tank bodies of dust suppression trucks on the market: one is a square tank, the other is an oval tank. Many users don't know the difference between the two kinds of tanks when they buy. They are a little confused when they choose to buy. Today I will introduce the difference and use of the two kinds of tanks in detail.

 Dust Suppression Truck

1. Generally, if the dust suppression truck is used in the city for greening and spraying, mostly on the smooth and less sloping road surface, then the tank volume of the dust suppression truck is relatively large, and the shape of the tank is generally square tank.


2. If the dust suppression truck is used in the construction site, the road surface is complex and the slope is more, it is necessary to choose the dust suppression truck with better safety. The elliptical tank dust suppression truck has more uniform load-bearing, more labor-saving when climbing the slope, even distribution of load-bearing, safe and reliable.


From the above two points, it can be seen that the main difference of the shape of the dust suppression truck tank is the volume and safety. Relatively speaking, the volume of the square tank is larger, while the elliptical tank is more solid, safe and reliable. Square tank has higher production cost than elliptical tank, and its shape is perfect. Therefore, users must choose the use of square tank according to the actual operating environment.