Several Driving Habits to Avoid

- Aug 02, 2019-

In recent years, with the development of logistics, the development of transportation industry is in full swing, the number of vehicles on the road increases, traffic accidents also increase, many times traffic accidents are caused by bad driving habits, so some bad driving habits must be changed.


1. Speeding

Speeding will affect the safety performance of vehicles, aggravate the wear and tear of vehicle parts, such as speeding tires are easier to aging and deformation, the probability of tire burst will increase, speeding, drivers are prone to errors in judging the speed of vehicles, more likely to cause traffic accidents.


2. Drive and watch your cell phone

Many people also look at mobile phones while driving. Studies have shown that the probability of accidents is 23 times that of normal driving. Driving to watch mobile phones can distract drivers'attention. In case of unexpected situations, the reaction will be slow, and traffic accidents will easily occur.


3. Too close to the car

If you are too close to the car, you can't guarantee that your car will brake effectively when it hits the front car. In urban areas, many traffic accidents are caused by too close to the car; if it is in bad weather, such as rain, snow or fog,

because of poor sight, ground friction changes and other factors, the driver misjudges the braking distance of the vehicle, which will lead to rear-end accidents, so safe distance to follow the car is very important.


4. Race for the road

This kind of behavior mostly occurs on and off duty. Many people like to rush in time. At this time, traffic accidents are most likely to happen. Although they are usually minor accidents, they are always unsafe.


5. Running at a traffic light

This situation is a lot, when the green light changes quickly to red light or when the yellow light rushes, in the rush process, because the speed is too fast, the observation around the intersection is not comprehensive enough, it is easy to cause traffic accidents, and in this case traffic accidents will be very serious.


6. drive after taking a drink

This situation is also very serious. After drinking, the driver's vision will shrink and the motor reflex nerve will become dull. When the speed is 60 meters per hour, the vehicle will drive 16.67 meters in one second, and the reaction to drunk driving will be slow for one second. The vehicle will drive 16.67 meters more forward, which is likely to cause serious traffic accidents.


For these bad driving habits must be avoided,smal traffic accidentsl will lose money, big will lose lives.