Six Considerations in Maintenance of Trucks

- Sep 25, 2018-

Replacement of Tyres

When the steel wire layer is broken after the long-term service, weaker parts of the tyre wall are full of air. Then, the resistant performance of the tyre is very imbalanced. Thus, the tyre shall be replaced.

Examination of Secondary Ignition Switch

The secondary ignition switch is the frequently used component during maintenance. When it is short-circuited, the gearbox shall be in neutral gear. Otherwise, the truck will move with the gear. Serious accidents will happen if the driver is not in the cabin.

Although the ECU of some trucks has to receive the signal from the neutral gear, the gear is still suggested to be checked during using the secondary ignition switch.

Proper Operation of Radiator

The overheated engine with low cooling efficiency will make the temperature of the radiator rise and even the water in the radiator boiled. The immediate flameout shall be avoided since the radiator doesn't work. The truck shall be stopped at a safe place, keeping the engine idling to fully abstract heat.

The cover of the radiator shouldn't be opened before the temperature of the radiator decreases to the safe scope. Otherwise, the uncooled liquid will splash. Hence, the cover of the radiator shall be wrapped with the wet towel to slowly open the first switch. The cover can be opened after the pressure of the water vapor is completely released.

Installation of Tyres

Special tools for installing tyres shall be used and the operation should be processed in the safe environment. Some drivers are worried about whether the screws is firm and usually fasten it via the crowbar. Both the the screw and the operator will be hurt.

Dismantlement of Hose

When the diesel engine equipped with common rail works, the maximum fuel pressure can reach over 2000bar. The hose can be dismantled after the engine stops working and releases the pressure.

Tilting Cab

During inspecting the engine, clutch and transmission, the cabin usually has to be tilted. The truck shall be stopped on the flat ground and the neutral gear is mandatory. The locking device takes no effect if the cab is not completely tilted.