Six Types of Landing Gears

- Sep 21, 2018-

Independent Type

Both sides of the independent landing gear are equipped with a built-in or external gear box. Two cranks achieve the separated lifting. Two speeds include the high and low switch. Usually, high/low switch is applied in no-load. Heavy load must use low switch. The conventional type can adapt to the flat and uneven road.

Coupling Type

The coupling landing gear only has one gear box. Both landing gears can be simultaneously controlled by one crank. High/low switch is still applicable. This type of gear has a high lifting efficiency. However, it just fits for flat pavement. In uneven road, the liner has to be added to keep the balance.

Aluminium Alloy Type

The aluminium alloy landing gear is usually designed in independent mode and can meet the light weight. The dead weight is just 30-40KG. The trailer which has a low detachable frequency can use the alloy gear.

Hydraulic Type

The hydraulic landing gear is a complete set of integrated micro hydraulic system. The power of the tractor drives the motor and then the oil pump receives the power. The direction of the oil path is controlled by the electromagnetic valve. The lifting of the landing gear is realized by the expansion of the hydraulic cylinder.

Pneumatic Type

The regulating valve adjusts the pressure generated in the air bottle. The direction of the air path is managed by the pneumatic electromagnetic valve. The cylinder built-in the landing gear finishes the operation.

Hybrid Power Type

The lifting integrates the high speed of the pneumatic gear during no-load and the stability of hydraulic gear. The operation efficiency is higher.