Some Cold Knowledge of Oil Tank Trucks

- Sep 16, 2019-

Some of the cold knowledge of the oil tank trucks may be unknown to some owners. Below I share three cold knowledge about oil tank trucks which you may not know.


1. Which is the higher between the brake pedal and the throttle pedal of the oil tank trucks?

For novices, may not pay much attention, the brake pedal is of course higher than throttle pedal, so the main intention of the design is to distinguish between the two, otherwise there will be more accidents due to mis-stepping.

 oil tank truck

2. Which has a longer service life between airbags and cars?

To say which of them has longer life span, someone may not know. In fact, the car has a long life span. Because of the material quality of the airbag itself and the influence of external factors, the service life of the airbag will be greatly reduced, so the airbag also needs to be checked for a few years, ready and safe.


3. Why is glass water blue?

Glass water actually has many colors, not only blue one, but blue is more common and cheap. There is no need to add glass water for luxury cars. Its color also depends entirely on the blending of chemical ingredients.