Some details that are easy to be ignored in the maintenance of the warehouse car

- Dec 27, 2019-

No matter how good the warehouse car is, it should also be maintained regularly. A well maintained warehouse car can not only reduce fuel consumption, but also reduce the probability of traffic accidents. What details of warehouse car maintenance are easy to be ignored by truck drivers. Today, I'd like to summarize some maintenance details that are easy to be ignored and share with you.

1. Maintenance of the tires of the warehouse car. Due to the frequent driving in all kinds of road conditions, sometimes some stones will be stuck in the gap between the tires. If the tires are not cleaned for a long time, it is easy to cause damage to the tires, and sometimes the larger stones will be thrown out to the nearby vehicles or personnel, causing accidents.

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2. The tire must maintain enough tire pressure. Too high tire pressure is easy to increase tire wear, and may cause tire blowout. Too low tire pressure will increase fuel consumption and vehicle bumpiness. At the same time, too low tire pressure is also easy to tire blowout.

3. If the engine temperature is overheated and the water temperature is too high, check whether the radiator is blocked in time. 

4. Often observe whether the color of the exhaust emission of the warehouse car is normal. The normal color of exhaust emission shall be colorless. If the color is too black, the combustion is insufficient, check the air intake system to ensure sufficient air combustion support. If the tail gas is blue, the engine oil may go up and enter the combustion chamber due to excessive wear of piston ring or matching of oil ring. Or the engine oil seeping from the valve guide tube participates in the combustion. At this time, check the spark plug or the valve oil seal for any problems, check them in time, and replace them if necessary. Finally, always check the rod of the engine oil, judge the level of the engine oil, if it is found that the engine oil consumption is too fast, it is necessary to check the cause in time to prevent "burning the engine oil".