Some of the most popular types of pure electric refrigerated truck

- Jul 24, 2019-

At present, the demand of cold chain logistics market is very huge. Fresh food imported from abroad or from other product producing areas needs to be transported in refrigerated trucks in order to maintain a certain degree of freshness. Many large commercial vehicle manufacturers have introduced pure electric refrigerated trucks, so that our refrigerated trucks use more energy-saving and environmental protection. As its name implies, its power is electricity, using electricity to start, is a very environmentally friendly power to start energy, and the following to share with you is the most popular of several types, hoping to help you in the future when choosing models to give some help.

 refrigerated truck 2

1、4.5 metre pure electric refrigerated truck

The body of the 4.5m pure electric refrigerated truck is 4.5m long. The weight of the truck is 2780kg. The battery type is lithium iron phosphate battery. And the motor is produced by BYD, the maximum power can reach 80KW, with certain quality assurance. It is known that this type of pure electric refrigerated truck can reach a maximum speed of 130 kilometers per hour, and can load 620 kilograms. Vehicles have anti-lock braking system to ensure safety in the course of driving. At the same time, the vehicle warehouse and driving area are separated effectively, which will not have any impact on driving area while refrigerating and keeping fresh. And the refrigerant is installed on the top of the car, which can make the refrigerated car keep freshness to the highest degree.


2、5 metre pure electric refrigerated truck

There is no big difference between the body length of 5-meter pure electric refrigerated truck and 4.5-meter pure electric refrigerated truck. The body length of 5-meter refrigerated truck is 5 meters, which is only 0.5 meters different from that of 4.5-meter pure electric refrigerated truck. However, the overall shape above the difference is very obvious, to know that 4.5 meters pure electric refrigeration truck is a micro-surface type, and 5 meters belong to light truck, its cargo space will be larger, and the cargo load is also on a lot (up to 895 kilograms). The batteries used are also lithium iron phosphate batteries, with a lower speed at 100 kilometers per hour. This type of refrigerated truck is commonly used by businessmen who need to transport large quantities of goods. It can save a certain amount of time and manpower and material resources to transport large quantities of goods at one time.


3、6 metre pure electric refrigerated truck

The length of the whole electric refrigerated truck is 6 meters, of which 4 meters is the length of the box, accounting for two-thirds of the length of the vehicle. Although its body is relatively long, its mass is relatively lighter, with a total mass of 4.5 tons. At the same time, after verification, the maximum cargo load is 1165 kg, and then the highest speed is 82 km/h, which is the slowest speed among the above mentioned vehicles.