Some tips for driving on rainy days

- Aug 07, 2020-

  Recently, continuous heavy rainfall has also brought some influence on driving, especially the wet road and blocked sight, which will have certain influence on drivers' judgment and operation. In the same section of Kunchu Expressway, three traffic accidents occurred in half an hour, all caused by the wet road after rain caused truck tires to skid, fortunately there were no casualties.

  Highway traffic flow, coupled with rainy days, to master the safe driving method, safe driving is very necessary. Here are some tips for driving on rainy days.

1, the correct using of wipers and lighting timely defogging.  When the current windshield fog affects the line of sight, the air conditioner should be turned on in time to ensure a wide and clear vision.

2. Control the speed reasonably to prevent skidding. If the vehicle skid or water, remember not to slam on the brake pedal and slam on the steering wheel, should release the accelerator, make full use of the engine brake deceleration or other auxiliary braking devices, grip the steering wheel, brake slowly and try to keep straight and low speed.

3. Keep a safe distance and do not overtake. Especially when driving on the expressway, the speed of each lane is relatively fast. If you change the lane forcibly and accelerate quickly to overtake, the probability of sideslip will increase. It is better to be steady and slow.