Sprinkler winter diesel protection

- Dec 26, 2019-

First, refuel according to the temperature according to the label

As the temperature decreases, the diesel filled in the car must be replaced in time according to the label. Like gasoline, diesel has different designations. The difference is that the gasoline label is determined by the octane number, while the diesel label is based on the freezing point of diesel. For example, the freezing point of No. 0 diesel is 0 ° C, which means that the diesel will condense at about 0 degrees Celsius. However, although the diesel will not condense before this temperature, it will become sticky, which will cause the fuel supply system filter to be semi-clogged and the engine to supply fuel. Therefore, the selection of diesel with different labels should be mainly determined based on the temperature during use.


Second, add diesel anticoagulant for "warmth"

The supply of low-temperature diesel in winter is in short supply, sometimes it is not available, and the price is relatively high. Diesel anticoagulant is a good solution, convenient and economical. After adding the diesel anticoagulant to diesel in a certain proportion, it can effectively Antifreeze.