Ten Suggestions for Vehicle Refitting

- Aug 23, 2019-

Truck refitting, like passenger car refitting, has rules and notes, and many truck users are not aware of it. Here are ten refitting suggestions for users, hoping to help users.

 Truck refitting

1. After the chassis is refitted, the axle load mass of the front and rear axles shall not exceed the maximum axle load mass allowed by the chassis.


2. The total mass of products such as van-type transport vehicles and warehouse-type vehicles shall not be greater than the maximum load mass calibrated by the chassis and shall not be less than 90% of the maximum allowable total mass.


3. All refitted vehicles and changes to automobiles shall be implemented in accordance with the existing laws and regulations of the State.


4. The refitting manufacturer shall be responsible for the design, manufacture and safety of all the devices in the refitting part, and be responsible for the correct use of the connection between the refitting part and the chassis bearing system and the power output system. The safety of the whole vehicle shall not be affected by the general layout design of the refitting part.


5. the refitting plant should not demolish, alter, weaken or destroy the original structure of the chassis at will to install the refitting part, or cause serious stress concentration in the chassis bearing and using.

 Truck refitting

6. The refitting part should have enough space for maintenance, so that the inspection, maintenance, lubrication, replacement and disassembly of the relevant parts can have good proximity. When necessary, the chassis of the carriage type car should have the corresponding maintenance movable cover plate.


7. When the modified vehicle is running and the modified part is in any moving state, it should be guaranteed that there is no friction, collision and interference between the modified part and the original chassis components.


8. Attention should be paid to reducing the height of the center of gravity (including load-bearing quality) of the refitted part as far as possible and ensuring that the axle load distribution of each axle does not exceed the maximum allowable axle load set by the factory, so as to avoid the partial load between the axles and the left and right wheels.


9. When the selected chassis is a reversible cab, the cab should be reversed smoothly after modification.


10. No modification shall affect the driving braking and steering performance of automobiles.

 Truck refitting

Truck refitting is actually very important, which directly affects the safety, carrying capacity, reliability and other performance of the whole vehicle. We should be cautious in refitting. We should not blindly pursue the load or speed and affect our normal use.