Ten taboos for maintenance of concrete mixer in winter

- Oct 22, 2019-

In winter, the owner of the concrete mixer has started winter maintenance for the vehicle. When we maintain the concrete mixer truck, we have ten taboos. Do you know? The maintenance of concrete mixer truck also needs attention. Next, let's share the ten taboos about the maintenance of concrete mixer truck. You are worth learning.


The first taboo: concrete mixer truck oil only add not change.


The second taboo: the concrete mixer truck is forbidden to add cold water when the water tank is boiling.


The third taboo: do not screw the concrete mixer truck too tightly.


The fourth taboo: concrete mixer truck avoid piston open fire heating.


The fifth taboo: concrete mixer trucks are not allowed to use abrasive cloth to polish bearing shells.


The sixth taboo: the concrete mixer truck should be free from the use of grease, do not grease the cylinder pad, do not grease the tires and nuts.


The seventh taboo: the cylinder clearance of concrete mixer truck is not measured accurately.


The eighth taboo: avoid too high tire pressure for concrete mixer truck.


The ninth taboo: the concrete mixer truck does not check the plunger travel allowance.


The tenth taboo: the new cylinder liner and piston of the concrete mixer truck are installed without selection.