The advantages of aluminum alloy tank trailer

- Aug 21, 2019-

1. lower operating expenses

Because the aluminum alloy tanker is lighter than carbon steel tanker,in that way the fuel comsumption is less and tire is more durable,so the operating expenses and maintenance costs are reduced; the statistic shows that: the 60% of fuel consumption is caused by the weight of the truck, for every Ton the truck lose,the consumption decrease 6 L in every 100 km;

 42,000L aluminum fuel tank trailer ALCOA alloy_4

2. Keep the fuel in good quality

Once the Aluminum oxide is generated at the surface of the aluminum alloy,the aluminum alloy will not rusted in the following years, in that way it will keep the fuel good quality,but the carbon steel will be rusted easily, therefor affect the quality of the fuel.


3. Safer

Because of the good electrical conductivity, so the static caused by the fuel transportation and unloading will be conducted away easily, thus reduce accidents; aluminum alloy is light, so the inertia is small when it is driving,safer;


4.Long product life, low maintenance cost

Aluminum alloy has strong corrosion resistance, that advantage will highlights when it carry the corrosive material; normally the product life is 15 to 20 years, carbon steel is 10 years, besides, the aluminum alloy is naturally bright, save the paint, save the money.