What is the automatic adjusting arm of brake clearance

- May 09, 2019-

Automatic adjusting arm of brake clearance, abbreviated as "automatic adjusting arm".Just as its name implies,It is a device that can adjust the brake gap in real time and automatically to ensure that the brake gap is in a appropriate value,and it can make the brake timely and reliable, which is very beneficial to driving safety.But it is necessary to add that the use of the automatic adjusting arm is limited to the drum brake system.

In addition,vehicles equipped with ABS cannot guarantee the best results without assembling automatic adjusting arms.Because manual operation will lead to  difference of force arm and braking force of very few brake pump.

At present,the manual adjusting arm of brake clearance,which is widely used in the domestic market,has some disadvantages.

Firstly,manual adjustment has a certain period. later part in the period,that is,the time before the next adjustment of the brake gap,the brake gap is already in large value,which will lead to  a longer brake stroke ,and the brake is not timely enough, leading to weak breaking if it is serious. Driving safety exist hidden danger.

Secondly,manual adjustment is difficult to ensure high consistency of wheel clearance, which may lead to wheel deviation, vehicle tail flick and other problems.