The Correct Maintenance Method of Sprinkler Power Takeoff

- Jul 16, 2019-

Sprinkler in the process of transmission oil inspection, we must ensure clean, to avoid dust particles into the transmission, leading to premature transmission damage, because sprinkler transmission oil can directly affect the internal organs of the truck, so we need to examine sprinkler transmission oil carefully.

 sprinkler truck

Step 1: Move the sprinkler shift lever to first gear and then from first gear to P gear. Make sure that each gear engages and disengages by staying a little at each gear.


Step 2: Open the engine hatch.


Step 3: Pull up the lock rod at the end of the dipstick of the sprinkler, pull out the dipstick and dry it, then push it to the oil bottom.


Step 4: Pull out the dipstick to read the liquid level. The liquid level must meet the following conditions. Cold transmission: It should be read from the side of + 20 C, and the liquid level should be kept between MAX and MIN. Thermal transmission: The liquid level should be read from the side marked with + 80 C, and the liquid level should be kept between MAX and MIN. The cold state indicates that the sprinkler engine runs for less than 1 minute and the maximum room temperature is 35 C. The car runs at least 20Km in a hot state.


Step 5: If you need to add sprinkler transmission oil, it can pass through the upper end of the oil ruler tube. The process is as follows: 0.25L is added on the side of reading + 20 C, and the liquid level can rise from MIN to MAX. The liquid level can rise from MIN to MAX by adding 0.4L to the side of + 80 C.


Step 6: If abnormal oil surface of sprinkler transmission is found, a simple visual inspection is conducted to see if there is any obvious leakage or other fault. It is better to send it to the special after-sales service center for inspection and troubleshooting.