The mixer has no strength to go uphill

- Aug 09, 2019-

Mixer's transportation medium is concrete. The density of concrete is high. When a mixer is full load, the weight of the whole vehicle is very large. But the engine of the mixer is usually equipped with a relatively large horsepower. Different drivers drive the same mixer. Some drivers always say that the vehicle has no strength to go uphill the hill and the fuel consumption is still high. What's the matter?


If the mixer regularly replaces oil, oil filter, diesel filter and air filter, it should be the following problems:


1. 1. The supercharger is damaged. If the impeller shaft of the supercharger shakes, the engine oil in the tank basically determines that the supercharger has been damaged. In addition, the pipeline should be inspected. The air pump should be pressurized with foam water to check the connection between the supercharger and the outlet pipe that whether there is any leakage phenomenon at the rubber buckle.


2. Check whether the intercooler is broken or not, and check carefully whether the intercooler in front of the water tank is leaking by pressurizing the air pump in the same way. Adjust the valve and find professional staff to adjust the valve clearance according to the kilometer value of the vehicle.


3. Replacement of up-to-standard urea, selection of vehicle urea must buy qualified products, do not easily change the urea nozzle. Some mixer drivers intentionally refitted urea sprinklers to save money. Some even simply added water. Others pulled plugs out directly without using urea.


4. Calibration of injectors, do not easily add cheap diesel fuel, if the nozzle is damaged, then the money saved is not enough for you to change the nozzle.


5. The front of the gear is not propelled in place, and the back is not pulled to the bottom.


6. Check the solenoid valve. If the pin of the solenoid valve of the gearbox cover switch is damaged, it will also lead to the difficulty of gearing.