The precursor of vehicle spontaneous combustion

- Aug 05, 2019-

Temperature increases in summer, especially in the pavement. At such a high temperature, the probability of vehicle spontaneous combustion is greatly increased, so whether you drive a logistics vehicle, a mixer or any other vehicle, you must know the precursor knowledge of vehicle spontaneous combustion, so that the occurrence of vehicle spontaneous combustion accident can be avoided at the critical moment.

 put off fire

1. The smell of gasoline and diesel in the car

Some vehicles have leaked oil due to their long service life and aging of oil pipeline. If they smell gasoline or diesel oil, they must stop and check chassis immediately to see if there is any oil stain. Also, if your vehicle's fuel consumption suddenly increases, be sure to check if it's a problem with the fuel line.


2. Head smoke

If blue or black smoke comes out in the front of the car during the driving process, it means that the fire is going to start. At this time, it is necessary to quickly turn off the power supply, take out the fire extinguisher from the cab to find the fire source, and put out the fire. In the process of fire extinguishing, we must keep a certain distance from the vehicle, because the vehicle in a natural moment may produce a small range of explosions, to avoid being affected.


3. Boiling of Engine Water Tank

Although most vehicles have cooling systems, the phenomenon of boiling the engine water tank still occurs in the high temperature weather in summer, which is generally due to the problems in the cooling system of vehicles. If such problems occur, we must stop quickly and find ways to cool the engine.


How to prevent vehicle spontaneous combustion?

1. In summer, the oil road of vehicles should be inspected regularly, and the oil leakage problem must be repaired in time.

2. Caution must be exercised in circuit modification. It's better to go to regular maintenance sites and let professionals do it.

3. Do not put inflammable substances in the car, such as lighters, car perfume, presbyopic glasses, carbonated drinks, portable battery and so on.

4. Vehicles that often run long distances, such as tank trucks and powder material trucks, should take more rest in the middle of a long journey when driving at high temperatures for a long time, and do not let the vehicles expose to the sun for a long time.

5. No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, you need to equip it with fire extinguishers and replace them regularly.

6. Try not to smoke in the truck.