The Questions about Double Warehouse of Oil Tank Truck

- Sep 14, 2019-

1. What is a double warehouse?

Double warehouse is a kind of warehouse that some customers require manufacturers to divide the tank of vehicles into two warehouses. Then the manufacturers adjust the structure of the tank and weld a dead partition (also known as wave plate) inside the tank. Such a warehouse is divided into two warehouses, commonly known as double warehouses.


2. What kind of vehicle is suitable for double warehouse?

The double warehouse of oil tank trucks, as the name suggests, is to divide the original tank into two tanks and become double warehouses. Generally, the tanks with a capacity of 11 and 11 or more are the most suitable ones for splitting the tank. There are two reasons: First, if the tank volume is small, the price of oil tanker will rise if the storage is separated. Secondly, if the tank volume is small, a dead partition board should be installed in the tank to separate the tanks, which will occupy a certain proportion of the space, resulting in a reduction in the tonnage of pulling oil.


3. Double warehouse suitable for those people?

Generally, customers want to pull two different kinds of oil, one is gasoline, the other is diesel oil. For customers who only pull one kind of oil, it is better not to do so.


4. Will sub-warehousing cause the price of oil tank truck to rise?

First of all, the tank is divided into warehouses, and a dead partition is added to the tank body of the tanker. In addition, a set of submarine valves and a set of European standard irrigation outlets are added to the vehicles. Some places also require that the tanker must be equipped with lower loading oil and oil and gas recovery. This will result in an increase in the cost of installing a downloading unit and an oil and gas recovery unit.